Today, I celebrate one year of service as youth pastor at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. I can truly say, this position has been a blessing. The parents are engaging, the students are growing, and our volunteers are the best. In addition to those blessings, the staff and church as a whole has been very supportive. Youth ministry has its particular challenges, however the blessings out weight those challenges any day. I have learned much during this quick year! Much of the thoughts I am about to share are simple and have been shared before. Still, I thought they were good to share to help me reflect and perhaps to encourage a fellow youth pastor or volunteer. Enjoy!

  1. Youth Ministry is serious work.
  2. Youth Ministry is rewarding.
  3. Youth Ministry is non-stop.
  4. Youth Volunteers are the real champions.
  5. Youth Ministry is about Jesus.
  6. Its not about numbers, programs, and activities.
  7. I love student ministry because I am always around new believers and unbelievers.
  8. Youth Ministry is ministry to families.
  9. Preach books of the Bible.
  10. Get Help.
  11. Spend time with God. Minister out of connectedness not merely competence.
  12. Point Students to Jesus.
  13. Challenge students to be leaders.
  14. You are not a peer. You are an adult friend.
  15. Teach them theology.
  16. Work hard(er) on your messages.
  17. Be available and approachable.
  18. Make sure you have a good mix of volunteers.
  19. Never stop reading.
  20. Encourage your students to read.
  21. The little things matter BIG time. (Write notes, remember names etc.)
  22. Don’t compare. You can’t compare.
  23. Let the Lord fight your battles.
  24. Pray a lot. Pray all the time.
  25. Always make Jesus the main focus. All day. Everyday.

What thoughts would you share about youth ministry or ministry in general? Join the discussion!

For God’s Glory,

Cameron Triggs