Believe it or not, we witnessed a revolution. Kings were not assassinated and governments were not overthrown. Nonetheless, a revolution took place rapidly right before our eyes. It already happened and we are living with its consequences as I write this review.

The momentous occurrence in history I am alluding to is what Al Mohler describes as the “Sexual Revolution”. With eyes wide open, we missed it. It has already come and is here for a seemingly long time. It arrived with the cultural rise and worldly celebrations of contraception, abortion, divorce, pornography, and finally homosexuality.

For this reason, I highly recommend “We Cannot Be Silent” by Dr. Al Mohler. Dr. Mohler is an the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has a keen insight into today’s cultural obstacles to the gospel. He has spent several years studying how we actually arrived to the point we are today in regards to the corrupt sexual ethics predominant in America.

With the legalization of so-called homosexual marriage we must be aware of the new cultural landscape that has many obstacles to the Christian worldview. Mohler‘s book is pivotal because it helps us think critically and biblically about how we got here and more importantly on how to move forward. His main point is “We Cannot Be Silent”!

As only he can put it “Of course, none of this would have been possible if Christianity had maintained a vital voice and the ability to speak prophetically to the larger culture concerning matters of marriage, sex, and morality. Nevertheless, the process of secularization had so shaped Western societies by the end of the twentieth century, and the United States in particular, that the moral authority of the Christian Church was largely neutralized, certainly among the cultural and intellectual elites…..As Flannery O’Connor rightly warned, our responsibility is to “push as hard as the age that pushes against you.” That’s going to require a monumental act of faithfulness for the Christian church in this generation, but as we must clearly understand, anything less will mean the abandonment of Christianity” (pg.13,15).

This is a book that SHOULD be on the New York Bestselling list. Even more so, it SHOULD be on your bookshelf.¬† It is a helpful guide for everyone living in today’s hyper-sexualized world.

For God’s Glory,

Cam Triggs