This year I was blessed to attend the EK Bailey Conference again. We are only half-way through but there has been much wisdom and encouragement already shared. All of the speakers have been stellar and I highly recommend you make plans to attend next year. This year’s theme is Preaching the Old Testament. Here are a few nuggets I have generously received so far:

Quotes by Steve Lawson

“The entire Bible is a “hymn/him” book. It is about Him (Jesus).”

“None of us are free to reinvent preaching.”

“Pull a thread through Genesis and Revelation will crinkle. The Bible is knitted together.”

Lawson also encouraged us to Read the Text, Explain the Text, and Exhort the Text. His message was from the sermon given by Peter in Acts 2. Lawson stated that Acts 2 records the first Christian message which was an exposition of the Old Testament itself! Just imagine, 3,000 souls were saved from an Old Testament survey.

Nuggets from Lance Watson

Pastor Watson was right behind Lawson and he kept the fire going! He preached from Psalm 119:105-112 to exemplify an Old Testament sermon. Watson was clever and illustrative as always. He focused his attention on verse 9 and titled the message “Hanging in the Balance”. He masterfully used the imagery of the tightrope as connective tissue in the message and convincingly demonstrated that God’s Word is our key to Hanging in the Balance!

Nuggets from Chuck Fuller

Dr. Fuller is a professor at Anderson University. He lectured on preaching the prophets. Well, really he preached! He stressed the interrogative & integrative approach to preaching the prophets. Those are big words that essentially mean you need to ask the right questions and know the right context for each prophet instead of imposing our own mislead applications.

Nuggets From Bryan Carter

After Dr. Fuller, Pastor Bryan Carter PREACHED. His message was from Jeremiah 38 as he modeled preaching from the prophets. Pastor Carter exhorted us to finish well even amidst adversity in ministry. He strongly used the ministry of Jeremiah and his detour of “pit ministry”. The main points were for us to embrace God’s assignment, expect some low places, & remember encouragement is on the way!

Closing thoughts

Perhaps my highlight has been the workshops. I had the chance to sit at the feet of the Expositional Rabbi Dr. Steven Lawson as he took us through his manuscript of Isaiah 6. Revival broke out.

Dr. Kevin Smith & E. Dewey Smith tagged team last night for more powerful nuggets. I suggest you visit the Concord Dallas site to order the CDs! Also, be sure to follow on Social Media via #ekbpc