When Ben Haden was a young pastor, he conducted a series of evangelistic services in the town where he had once worked as an editor for the local newspaper. Ben said that he did the best he could and, at the end of his sermon, gave an invitation for any to come forward if they wanted to see God change their lives. Nobody came forward.

Ben was devastated until the pastor, noticing Ben’s dejection, said to Ben, “Son, don’t forget the one in the parking lot.” Then he took Ben over to the window of the church overlooking the parking lot. There, on the gravel, was a man on his knees receiving Christ.

Excerpt from “How To Talk So People Will Listen” by Steve Brown

Dear preacher, they may not have cried. Maybe they didn’t laugh. Perhaps no one shouted. Actually a few fell asleep and none came forth for compliments. But be encouraged. God often harvest “hidden” fruit. The auditorium is often the harvest field. But don’t forget about the parking lot fruit.

Have you ever felt discouraged after a message only to realize God was “harvesting” in the parking lot? Please share!

For God’s Glory,

Cameron Triggs