I follow a twitter account known as the “Wow Facts of Life”. It’s…it’s…..well for a lack of better words, it’s “wow”. The twitter line is typically filled with unbelievable facts about random facts of life. Of course, every now and then the facts are so “wow” that I must consult the ultimate fact checker, Dr. Google, to see if the facts are indeed facts( I say facts a lot, OK). Sure enough, the facts are indeed facts and I am smacked in my virtual face with another “wow”.

But every now and then, the real wow facts of life cannot make a daily appointment with Dr. Google. They must be observed through the staccato rhythms of life. One wow fact of life I have observed is something quite peculiar. I wonder if it is true for you. No, you can’t see if Wikipedia confirms this observation or look for a post response on your favorite forum; you’re even less likely to find it on Puritan Board. But this is a fact, or maybe a truth that is frequent in my life. Typically, whenever race is brought up, PEOPLE WHISPER.

Yes, they whisper. Like, “I see dead people” whisper. If a crime is committed, a new marriage takes place, a funny or awkward story, whatever or whenever, soft tones of “This black lady….” “A white man….” Or maybe even sly gestures to a forearm to suggest complexion are made. I can hear you’re your objection. True enough, these whispers take place in the public. No doubt, what are whispers in public are shouts and sadly, shameful slurs behind closed doors.

Let me cut to the point. This fact of life is also mirrored in our pulpits, small groups, and Sunday school classes; particularly in evangelical Christianity. While black on black crime rages on, effigies of our first Black President hang behind the backdrop of confederate flags, immigration laws threaten the security of future American-Hispanic genius, swastikas are etched in No. 2 pencil on High School desks, canyon-like economic disparities starve the working class and worse, the colored lines of division in the Body of Christ are all discussed in connection to race by media analyst, Pulitzer Prize Winners, and casual coffee shop sippers but where are the pastors crying out in the wilderness?

Ah, I hear you again. True. But the Body needs more than Bloodlines by John Piper. I love John Perkins, Anthony Bradley, Tim Keller, and Tony Evans but we need more crying. We need local pastors and church members who actually dialogue and pursue these issues instead of merely reading the hottest book or hot-off-the-Mac blog (thanks for reading though).

Behind cuffed hands into apathetic ears, preachers frequently whisper about race. And if we do turn that whisper into an elementary “inside-voice” we often tip-toe around the common conversations on racism and the KKK instead of the pressing contemporary concerns such as White privilege, Black pride, Economic Oppression {Stop Whispering About class too} and the projectile deep-rooted varieties of sin which are waiting to be shoveled up by the steel strength of the gospel.

You might be surprised that the Bible does not whisper on this issue. In fact, it doesn’t just shout in Pauline prose (Sorry, no reference to Gal. 3 here). The Bible sings. It calls us to sing the beauty of racial diversity and Biblical unity. Psalm 133:1 states “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”

The apostle John witnesses one of the best musical experiences ever in Revelation 5 when a divine vision depicts a heavenly choir singing “Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people to God from every tribe and language and people and nation, and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth” (v.9-10). The Bible rejoices, God rejoices, when there is unity and still sings soulful notes over our beautiful diversity ransomed and purchased by the blood of Christ. Thus, Christians should have no worries concerning division or fear. God desires such verses in the hymns of the church.

I’ll end this blog by saying; I do not have the answers about race or class in the church or America for that matter. Sorry cyber-friends, I am not Dr. Google. Wikipedia has also responded “No Results Found”. How do we resolve the racial tension in America? How can we achieve interracial churches that actually do life together and pursue justice without political tension? How can a church resolve tensions amongst same-race economic classes? Eh, not sure. But I am sure that the New Testament Body strived for such solutions.  I am positive that God can do it through the power of the gospel and its demanding implications through devoted discipleship. I am also positive that whispering will not work. We need to sing. We need to sing together. The church needs to hold hands, gather around the fire of God’s Word, and sing out our hearts to one another. Stop whispering. That’s a start.


For God’s Glory,

Cam Triggs