Honest question: Is it me or is there a certain amount of irony and hypocrisy concerning the conversation of fallen pastors and whether or not we should read their books. In several instances they appear to be leaders who have demonstrated repentance. Honestly, I (we) can’t confirm or deny their repentance unless we were actually close to the situation. However, on the flip side, we recommend the works of slave owners, womanizers, racist, and heretics. And they are POPULAR names that have buildings, seminaries, and holidays named after them. We actually produce books in honor of their name. And yet many of these men went to the graves with these glaring shortcomings (sins known by the public and by private friends). But I’m guessing they just get a pass because they are dead and were men of their times? Or because they had blindspots (though others confronted and challenged many of them)? Or because racism and slavery aren’t that bad? Just curious…..

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