We live in a new day. Years ago, life-changing events normally took place at events. There was a date, time, and place. Now days, that place is typically in front of a computer screen. During my young adult life I have stumbled upon some life-changing videos that have assisted in my walk with Jesus. These videos are not perfect nor are the people. In spite of their imperfections, they have a certain “stickiness” that makes them hard to forget. Here they are and I hope you enjoy.

EV Hill preaching for Jasper Williams. This really helped me in the formation of my preaching voice.

EV Hill preaching his wife’s funeral. Powerful!

John Piper & John MacArthur interview together. Both have influenced me greatly.

John Piper preaching on the significance of scripture. Best sermon intro ever!

Before there was the YouTube sensation known as Jeff Bethke, there was Blair Wingo (Linne).

My favorite expositor.

Paul Washer. One million plus views. Hate or love it. I loved it.

African American Apologist. Yes. Voddie Baucham in classic fashion.

Passion, content, persuasion, and a great accent. What more could you want?

John MacArthur being John MacArthur. Here he is standing valiantly on national television.

Here is John MacArthur once again discussing the importance of Expository Preaching.

Sermon Jam #1

Sermon Jam #2

Sermon Jam #3

Question: What are some of your favorite YouTube videos?